PDF Files

To get the best results, we highly recommend submitting your printing in PDF format. High-resolution PDF files need to be sent to us in maximum or press quality for best results.

Printing Black

If you are using big solid areas of black in your artwork, for example a black background, we recommend setting your black as C 60%, Y 50%, M 40%, K 100% instead of just K 100%; This will give a much stronger black.

Converting colours to CMYK

Your Document will be printed using four colour process (CMYK - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black). It is important you design your documents in a CMYK colourspace.
If you don't know how to produce your work in CMYK we will convert it for you, but this could result in colours changing somewhat.

Printing Spot/Pantone

We can print Pantone spot colours no problem, remember to set them up as spot colour in your artwork.

Add 3 mm bleed

When sending files to print we require your artwork to include 3mm bleed on each edge of the document. Bleed means that any background or pictures touching the edge of your design need to extend 3mm more than the document size. This will make sure that there is no white showing on the edge of the job when it is cut and finished. There is no need to add bleed if no image touches the edges of the sheet.

Resolution at least 300dpi

If you are creating your artwork in software such as Adobe Photoshop, we require an absolute minimum of 300dpi. To ensure a crisp print on items such as text we strongly recommend creating all artwork in software like Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign as these applications output text as Postscript data which means the text information will print crystal clear. You can export PDFs from Photoshop, but please check that text layers have been preserved and fonts are embedded.